Michael Hansmeyer, Subdivided Columns, 2010-11


Vera Bühlmann (PhD) is a media theorist and philosopher. She teaches at the Architectural Department of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH in Zurich, where she has founded the applied virtuality theory lab at the Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design CAAD. The vectors of her recent work revolve around a probabilistic perspective on code, computability as literacy, and algebra as the art of encryption. She lectures frequently on the philosophy and history of mathematics and computation, media theory, political philosophy and its environmental and geophilosophical turns. She is author of Die Nachricht, ein Medium. Generische Medialität, Städtische Architektonik (ambra, Vienna 2014), and co-editor of Pre-specifics (jrp|ringier, Zurich 2009), Printed Physics (springer, Vienna 2012), Sheaves–When Things Are Whatever Can Be The Case (ambra, Vienna 2013), EigenArchitecture (ambra, Vienna 2013), and Domesticating Symbols (ambra, Vienna 2014). Her research blog is www.monasandnomos.org.


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